Sell a turnkey property. Buyers these days don’t have a lot of time and don’t want to think about design. They want a property that looks like it’s a high-end hotel already so they can move in and bring nothing but their toothbrush. They don’t want to do any remodeling.  New construction is selling just as fast as older homes, and the modern details are even more attractive. Buyers’ eyes are tuned to more finished products. Tear out the carpets, upgrade the kitchen and make the bathroom look spic-and-span. Whether you do an honest deep cleaning or some minor upgrades and repairs, making your home move-in ready and modern will lead to the quickest sale.


Make a great first impression.  It’s all about perception. That perception is all in the staging and it weighs heavily on sales. Buyers looking at an old home want to feel like it’s newer and more contemporary. Even if you’re not planning to do a lot of remodeling, a new coat of paint and some proper staging will go a long way to set you up for a quick sale. Re-arrange the existing furnishings or a complete staging that replaces all the furniture.


“Zeroscape” your landscape. Something more and more Angeleno home buyers are thinking about is California’s multiple-year drought. While it was once desirable to have a bright patch of green lawn and a new sprinkler system, buyers are now more impressed by a drought-tolerant outdoor landscape. Mulch, decomposed granite, succulents – landscaping in an environmentally green way rather than a visually green way can be done fairly inexpensively, and buyers are happier about it than if they had new sprinklers and new sod.


Price low to sell high. Want to start a bidding war on your property? Price it on the low end of the spectrum to get multiple offers quickly. With inventory down, the market is very competitive for buyers, and the more reasonably-priced your property, the more offers you will end up fielding. The more aggressively you price your house, the less likely you are to get multiple and higher offers.


Be a spokesperson for your neighborhood. With the constantly rising prices of Los Angeles real estate, many buyers are priced out of their preferred neighborhoods and need to explore somewhere new. Make sure your online listings and open house materials offer your buyers insight into the locals' experience so they know everything that you do about your neighborhood. Public transportation is an increasingly important selling point to young home buyers, so be sure to mention your nearest transit link. A lot of clients are looking to live near the Expo line or a transportation corridor in general, so letting buyers know these facts about your neighborhood is crucial. Area schools, walkable urban streets, bike lanes, freeway access and convenient coffee shops are all worth mentioning and don’t forget to point out your favorite local gems.