Estimated Building Cost + Land Purchase

14813 Keuka Village Rd, Wayne, NY 14837

Estimated Total project cost---- $355,000

Cost of Pre-Closing Investigations, Permits & Closing----$5,000

Geotechnical Investigation----$2000

Percolation Test----$500

Holding Tank Inspection & Pumping----$500

Residence Building Permit Fee----$50

Retaining Wall Building Permit Fee----$30

Appx Attorney Fees----$1500




Cost of Land Purchase----$175,000


Appx Cost of Residence----$170,000

Prefabriacted Cabin kit 1,442 ft 2 Story 3 Bed Wooden Guest House/home. Custom Built----$27,500

Structure Removal (Single Family Home and Holding Tank)----$10,000

Concrete Slab Foundation----$4000

Contractor Fees-----$50,000

Retaining Wall----$50,000

Septic & Leach Field----$15,000

Gas Furnace & Instalation----$2000

Kitchen Cabinets & Hardware----$3000

Bathroom Hardware-----$5000








Prefab Home Exterior.png
Construction Loan.png

14813 Keuka Village Rd can be purchased with CASH or with the 1st money of CONSTRUCTION LOAN. Click the Constuction Loan Overciew button for more information.